Empower Your Team. Empower Your Community.

For every service clients engage, we gift that same service back to local nonprofits. 

We intentionally partner with those who 

want to make a difference in their communities.

Are you struggling to stay ahead?

Need help figuring out what to do next?   

Great solutions will lead you to breakthrough innovation

Collaborating with your team, we customize solutions that allow your business to achieve great outcomes through visioning, leadership culture and collaborative learning. Unique solutions focus on three critical areas that will successfully drive the changes your business needs. 

Our story is about you being extraordinary

Change can be hard. Yet, it doesn't have to be. Cummings Collaborative is here to walk alongside your team through today's challenging times. You want to remain competitive and viable. Deep listening sessions, empowering collaborations, and customized solutions get you back on track and headed down the right path. All so you can be extraordinary

Our team is here to walk alongside you

You benefit from a team of diverse, experienced professionals who are committed to you. We drive your organization forward by exploring areas of potential risk and creating strategies that move you where you need to be. Strategies that you can actually use. We know you can move forward. What you need right now are the tools to get you going so you can get there.

We focus on your best next steps.  

So you can be extraordinary. 

Cummings Collaborative, LLC - Your Best Next Steps

What they're saying

"If you want honesty, integrity, and to work with someone who is passionate about making your organization great then I would highly recommend Cummings Collaborative. Nancy assesses the needs of each client individually

and offers a unique path based on your goals. There is no one-size fits all with Cummings Collaborative."   ~ M. Waldman