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I'm Your Thinking Partner

Whether it's mission and vision realignment, leadership transitions, organizational strategy, cultivating partnerships, facilitating retreats and workshops, or reaching out to your Board and community stakeholders. It’s all about getting

to know you and your team. And, understanding your best next steps. Together, we create bold strategies and solutions that will empower your organization. If you're trying to get ahead or stay ahead, The Collaborative will help you

get where you need to be. This is 'Breakthrough Innovation'.

With over 30 years of experience across several dynamic and complex industries (healthcare, leadership, higher education, nonprofits, start-ups, technology, faith-based, elite sports performance, local small businesses), you can count on The Collaborative to deliver timely, relevant strategies. Non-profit organizations and businesses across many sectors connect so current strategy and thinking can be challenged. Collaborations with your team guide your best next steps.

Cummings Collaborative welcomes the opportunity to serve you and your team, wherever you are.

Nancy H. Cummings, EdD
Founder and CEO
Chief Collaborator

Nancy is a dynamic, visionary leader with diverse executive experiences. Creating innovative strategic planning processes and organizational transformations, empowering stakeholder awareness and engagement, and inspiring cultures of collaboration and accountability are hallmark achievements. Recognizing and delivering strategies that both drive and champion transformation while aligning organizational mission and values are proven areas of expertise.


As an agent of change driven for excellence, her unique ability to facilitate challenging conversations is skillfully combined with a deep understanding of high-stakes, complex systems. Evidenced success lies in strategic planning and visioning, partnership development, organizational accountability, leadership cultivation, and educational training models. 


Nancy H Cummings Head Shot

Nancy is a people-centric leader who boldly strives to create strategies that remove obstacles, align teams, and optimize talent and resources - effectively impacting revenue and sustainability. Organizational strategy, change management, team execution and customer satisfaction are top-of-mind; leading to viable, long-term collaborative innovations that deliver high return on investments. 


Nancy earned an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Central Florida and an MEd (with a specialization in Athletic Training) from Valdosta State University. She earned a BS in Physical Education from the University of Florida. Nancy also earned a certificate in Executive Change Leadership from Cornell University. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nancy was a licensed/certified Athletic Trainer in the State of Florida and with the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastic in Lausanne, Switzerland. For 28 years, Nancy supported several of our national and Olympic teams providing athletic training and sports science expertise. 


Travel inspires Nancy, as she treasures the opportunity to explore different cultures, people and regions. She is passion-called to be a positive influence and enjoys community outreach. Bailee, the adorable rescue dog, can be found bounding around with Nancy while they explore the outdoors, chase the sun, and relax in their gardens. 

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