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Cummings Collaborative, LLC

Cummings Collaborative was launched in January of 2018, in Ohio. When Nancy moved back home from Ohio to Clermont, Florida in June, 2018 - our focus transformed. We experienced our own breakthrough innovation. Clarity of purpose and a realignment of our services evolved as Nancy transitioned to be with her father during his new season of life. We became hyper client-focused and made the decision to serve clients across all industries; not just healthcare and higher education. If a clients' needs match the services we can deliver, we want to work with them. So, in June, 2018, the Collaborative was restructured and established as a Florida-based LLC. Like Nancy's grandfather, Oakley Seaver - a philanthropist, social activist, and community leader - she wants to empower businesses in the community to understand the unique challenges that they are facing and create bold solutions to address them. 

Pivotal experiences through the years that resulted in both successful and non-successful attempts with organizational innovations allowed us to discover several consistent themes. This collection of experiences is what truly sparked our creation. First, few great decisions are made in isolation. The collective intellect, wisdom and learning that develops when working with others provides an environment where courageous decisions can be made. Second, integrity and trust are values we seek in everything we do. Third, excellence is an ongoing expectation of ourselves and our work. Finally, we enjoy what we do and want to make a positive impact along the way. These four pillars weave the fabric of our culture together - a safe space where all voices are treasured. All the time.

As a boutique consultancy, the Collaborative focuses on businesses and non-profits who need guidance in their best next steps. Whether it's leadership transitions, benchmarking, mission and vision realignment, cultivating partnerships, training and education, or reaching out to your Board and stakeholders. We get to know you and your team. Together, we create bold strategies and solutions that will empower your organization for success. If you are trying to get ahead or stay ahead, we help you get where you need to be. We call this 'Breakthrough Innovation.'

What's innovation? Innovation requires you to change something you are currently doing or create something new. Either way, having the right roadmap for your organization to be agile and innovate is mission-critical. Maintaining a competitive advantage requires intention and deliberation, integrity and trust, passion and courage. We are here to walk alongside you and deliver targeted solutions to you.

Clients - Our clients are innovators. Leaders who understand and value the importance of tapping into a network of trusted professionals. You are our client. You recognize that bold steps are on your horizon; yet might not know what to do next. Breakthroughs in current processes are critical so your organization is empowered to take those best next steps towards innovation and sustainability. Whether driven by the need to maintain competitive standing or the necessity to disrupt a current direction, you embrace the fact that the status quo is no longer an option.

With over 55 years of combined experiences across several dynamic and complex industries (healthcare, leadership, education, start-ups, technology, faith-based organizations, elite sports performance and teams, local small businesses), you can count on us to deliver successful strategies. Non-profit organizations and businesses across diverse sectors connect with us so current expectations can be challenged. So we can collaborate and guide your best next steps. The Collaborative welcomes the opportunity to serve you and your team, wherever you are.


Mission - We collaborate with organizations and create bold solutions that empower breakthrough innovation.

Vision - Empower extraordinary.

Core Values 

Integrity - We hold each other accountable. We believe in honesty and authenticity in ourselves and our work. We create and support safe spaces for everyone involved in our community.

Zeal - We pursue our work and our lives with tremendous enthusiasm and energy. We choose to make a significant difference in the world around us. We celebrate.

Trust - We expect truthfulness and character with people in our community. We aspire for excellence; it's a part of our DNA. We anticipate silos will be broken down as respect increases. 

Communication - We keep our community informed and up-to-date. We treasure every voice. We prompt real conversations that look at the larger, more pressing issues confronting society.

Learning - We encourage a life-long journey of gaining understanding and rich experiences. We know that people learn and share differently. We seek deep knowledge in all of our collaborations. 


Giving Back - We choose to give back in the communities where we live and work. This happens through direct financial support, intentional time spent serving, or in-kind services walking alongside people in our communities. 

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What they're saying...


“Dr. Cummings and Cummings Collaborative offer the type of perspective and insight that individuals and organizations need to discover their greater potential. She is a valued thinking partner for me and those that she works with. What you'll find most exceptional is that she works with you to find room for new ideas and new discoveries that always result in greater impact.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Nancy in a collaborative effort with a team of technology innovators that are on a mission to solve real world problems. Nancy has a gift for creating a space for people to connect their ideas, then lead them to create a strategic plan. Her wisdom, leadership and deep listening skills have all been invaluable.



“Nancy has always left a deep impression on me with her listening style and ability to make a connection. She has a brilliant blend of empathy and intelligence. She is a visionary, thinks futuristic and is always invested deeply in the story and journey of her partners.

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