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Professional Speaking Opportunities

To schedule Nancy or John for speaking engagements, retreats, and workshops please call or email.

Speaking engagements are tailored for the unique, transformative circumstances confronting your organization. Sessions range from 60-90 minute keynotes to half-day or multi-day retreats and workshops. Our sessions are compelling, highly engaging, hands-on, and grounded in experiential activities. Together, we'll roll up our sleeves and do a deep exploration to discover what is truly impacting your organization. Be prepared to participate and be involved in your transformation!


We can focus on one topic. Or, we can bundle several topics together to create compelling training and leadership cultivation opportunities. During our workshops and retreats, we'll walk you through our process, as we collectively develop strategies that produce positive and enriching outcomes. We'll collaborate with you to design bold strategies for your unique path of innovation.


Let us know what you need. We'd love to discover ways to walk alongside your organization and help you take your best next steps to breakthrough innovation. Remember, we focus on breakthrough innovation. So you can be extraordinary.




Innovation versus Change Management - Going Beyond 'Just Different'

There's a dynamic relationship that exists between innovation and change. Things change all the time. Changes does not require innovation. However, innovation does require change. How do you do that? Establishing a culture that is ripe for innovation opens the door for extraordinary results; results that will go beyond 'just different'.

Intentional Listening - Truth, Trials and Trust 

Many people say that listening is an art form. Yet, if we can hear, why aren't we listening? Imagine if you could listen to your team better, with intention, the ways your understanding of them and the challenges around you would expand. Imagine how appreciated your employees, clients, and stakeholders would feel. Imagine the truth you would unfold, the trials that would be circumvented, and the deep levels of trust that would be rooted. If you could listen with intention. 

Your Stakeholders Expect More

Stakeholders influence every aspect of your organization. Beyond board members, employees, suppliers and customers, their circles of reach become the foundation of your success. Knowing who they are and how to fully engage them is what creates an environment that allows your organization to not only survive - but thrive. Today's global focus of information sharing and collaboration allows stakeholders to expect new ways to they will learn, create and consume. They expect more. Will that come from you or will they find it with someone else?

Developing Your Bench of Leaders

Deep gaps in leadership exist across industries due to an ever-growing culture of turnover and volatility. While many top-level leaders enter organizations from the outside, a network of future leaders already exists within most organizations. They are sitting right there in entry-level positions; often overlooked or neglected by nature of their position. When purposefully developed, their influence can be extremely powerful and can garner some of your organization's greatest accomplishments.

Empowering Greatness

Everyone can achieve greatness. Greatness lies within each and every one of us. However, unleashing what it takes to walk alongside someone else and help them achieve their greatness is radically different. It's very different than achieving greatness on your own. Seek to serve others and empower the greatness within them. The collective potential that will be unlocked might be just what your group needs. 

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Nancy H. Cummings, EdD - founder & President Cummings Collaborative, LLC
John R. Bennett, MS