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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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Most organizations function in very dynamic environments; intense combinations of three colliding variables - change, challenge and charity.

These three variables drive many decisions (voluntary and imposed) that compel organizations to find solutions and plan next steps. Recognizing what these variables mean and how they can be optimized is mission-critical.

It’s unusual today to not be involved in conversations with stakeholders who demand answers to questions surrounding these variables. They want to know. Stakeholders seek transparency in the organization's alignment between daily practices and the mission. Also, they expect organizations to constantly evolve - to always be their best.

So, what does this mean for your organization? It all sounds disparate and unrelated.

Let’s explore a bit…

Change typically describes something you have already put into place that allowed you to distinguish yourself. Often, it emerged from a benchmark of where you used to be. It’s a comparison to your previous accomplishments and outcomes. Change is grounded in your past.

Challenge is a call to arms. It allures you into a competition or contest to decide who is best. The best in this moment; right now. Challenge is all about the present.

Charity represents an opportunity to show goodwill and kindness towards those in need. It’s a system that provides hope for things that could happen. Charity is a desired outcome; a reflection of your future organization.

These three variables are not fully understood within the isolated discussion of ‘timeframes’. They also represent radically different ‘ideals’. Let's dig deeper.

  • Change is a differentiator; an action that was identified within the organization and then pursued for self-improvement.

  • Challenges arise in response to others who are striving to be better than you - you have to keep stepping up and accept the challenge or you lose your marketplace standing.

  • Charity is the living-breathing-walking essence of your organization's people at their best. Charity is the heart and soul of your organization.

As an organization, you're always measured by how well you meet expectations, both internally and externally. It’s essential that you embody change, challenge and charity in all that you do so you can surpass your goals while you serve your stakeholders well.

Do this to inspire Change, Challenge and Charity within your culture

  1. Be bold and encourage transformation, not just transition. Within the next 3 days, seek to create an environment that embraces the rewarding ebb and flow of organizational innovation. (read our blog on innovation). Remember that innovation leads to transformation. As you roll-out your new culture of innovation and transformation, recognize when you default back to the old temporary process of accomplishing fleeting end-goals (i.e.: transition). Reflect and recalibrate. Then, keep following your process to transform your organization.

  2. Share your intentions with your stakeholders. Let them know that you listened to them. That you’re identifying strategies and action steps. Demonstrate this awareness in your communications starting today. Ask for feedback on a regular basis. And, do something with that feedback. 

  3. Connect with us and share how your organization decided to inspire transformation. Respond below to share your story. Or, share with us directly by calling or emailing.

Change, challenge and charity - it’s how good organizations achieve extraordinary milestones.

Tell us how this informed your best next steps. Comment below and let us know how you encouraged your organization to transform. Learn from each other and affirm those within our community.


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