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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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What sets your heart on fire? What pushes you into action?

There are so many examples from the last few years of passion-filled moments that have inspired profound causes. Just look around you. (They don’t need to be identified here by name.)

When things go wrong, people respond. That’s human nature. There is no way to predict the atrocities that spark action or when and how they will occur.

And, that makes me wonder. What if we empower those brave individuals who do respond with bold, swift action? What if we create tools that allow these brave people to effectively organize and consequently impact significant change? What do you think they could accomplish if they were given simple, helpful tools?

Many social injustices have occurred during my lifetime. Some made me pause and reflect. Several societal wrongs have forced me to rethink how I live and why I make certain decisions. Other issues have touched my core so deeply that I will never be the same person again. Nor, can I choose to be silent on those particular topics.

These very topics, the ones that radically impact people’s lives today, become the passions that fuel tomorrow’s causes.

So, what will WE do today to ease the burdens for others to change the world tomorrow?

Looking at the folks who have stepped up and cobbled together groups that forged life-altering contributions to society - things like age, gender, ethnicity, height, education, favorite food, religious beliefs or family environments do not dictate who become the advocates of these causes. There is no predictive model other than these people were wounded, radically altered or heroically inspired by issues confronting society.

Because of this, the Collaborative is initiating a global conversation to pull together simple, efficient, and effective tools that will allow people to effect positive change in society -

we choose to move forward with those who seek change, innovation and transformation that will positively impact people’s lives;

we choose to boldly walk forward and champion the world-changers; and

we choose to support organizations and leaders who live the motto: #passionscausechange.

Please stay connected as we roll out this new life-changing initiative! We’d love for you to connect and share your passions, your stories, and your desires to change the world. To innovate. Because that is what we do! #WeDoInnovation.

Passions cause change. Because passions are typically driven by emotions, wounds and deep personal experiences, we need to create tools that will support others so they can nimbly move forward with sustainable causes. We all need to step up with our gifts and skills so that collectively we can be the change that will transform the world.

We’re curious about the causes that are near and dear to your heart. Respond below and let us know which cause you think aligns with the Collaborative’s mission. Who do you think we should explore as our ‘Give Back’ partners? Remember, #PassionsCauseChange!


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Nancy H. Cummings

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