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Our Team

Want to know what makes us unique? It's you. It's your passion to press in and explore your best next steps. It's your desire to not settle; to be extraordinary in the midst of all else. It's the trust relationships that we build with each other as we create your solutions


Our passion to walk alongside you and your team inspires us to collaborate; to create bold strategies and solutions. We are driven for your success. You know how you're challenged to constantly improve? To change something, anything, to remain sustainable? Well, rest secure knowing that change and innovation are what we do best; it's the foundation of our greatest successes


Collectively, our Core Team has been in the business of empowering transformation for over 65 years. Healthcare, leadership, higher education, non-profits, start-ups, technology, faith-based organizations, elite sports performance and teams, and local small businesses are a few of the industries we serve. The Core Team is involved in your entire project - from discovery to delivering results.   

Our areas of specialty include: people-centric innovations and transformations, visioning, strategic planning, leadership culture, global initiatives and collaborations, innovative partnerships, mentoring, keynote presentations and high-end educational sessions.  

Who's on Our Team? 


Advisory Council consists of ten individuals who use their expertise, wisdom and passion to guide us on strategies and processes that drive your transformations and breakthrough innovations.

Project Consultants, strategic thinkers in their respective industries, join us at the table and bring their unique experiences, critical thinking and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills. With an uncanny depth of expertise, they collaborate with us to achieve remarkable outcomes for your business. They join your project and collaborate on bold strategies and solutions that will address the complex challenges that confront you. 

Prayer Team is a committed group of people who expect high accountability, integrity in everything we do, and cast prayerful visions for our team and our work.

Here's Our Core Team 

Nancy H. Cummings, EdD

Founder & President; Chief Collaborator


Nancy is a dynamic, visionary leader with diverse executive experiences. Creating innovative strategic planning processes and organizational transformations, empowering stakeholder awareness and engagement, and inspiring cultures of collaboration and accountability are hallmark achievements. Recognizing and delivering strategies that both drive and champion transformation while aligning organizational mission and values are proven areas of expertise.


As an agent of change driven for excellence, her unique ability to facilitate challenging conversations is skillfully combined with a deep understanding of high-stakes, complex systems. Evidenced success lies in strategic planning and visioning, partnership development, organizational accountability, leadership cultivation, and educational training models. 


Nancy is a people-centric leader who boldly strives to create strategies that remove obstacles, align teams, and optimize talent and resources - effectively impacting revenue and sustainability. Organizational strategy, change management, team execution and customer satisfaction are top-of-mind; leading to viable, long-term collaborative innovations that deliver high return on investments. 


Nancy earned an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Central Florida and an MEd (with a specialization in Athletic Training) from Valdosta State University. She earned a BS in Physical Education from the University of Florida. Nancy also earned a certificate in Executive Change Leadership from Cornell University. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nancy was a licensed/certified Athletic Trainer in the State of Florida and with the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastic in Lausanne, Switzerland. For 28 years, Nancy supported several of our national and Olympic teams providing athletic training and sports science expertise. 


Travel inspires Nancy, as she treasures the opportunity to explore different cultures, people and regions. She is passion-called to be a positive influence and enjoys community outreach. Bailee, the adorable rescue dog, can be found bounding around with Nancy while they explore the outdoors, chase the sun, and relax in their gardens. 

Email Nancy: nancy@cummingscollaborative.com 

Victor Felix

Community Connector & Leadership Liaison

Prior to joining the Collaborative, Victor served as the Career Development Manager for an employment agency advocating for people with disabilities, a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist with a Mental Health Agency, and a Chaplain for private schools. His experience in leadership development and empowering youth have led him to always push the envelope to arrive at creative solutions. He adds value to the teams he leads by inspiring and galvanizing them to action. He drives outcomes through transformational mentorship by helping people become passionate about what they do and utilizing their skills and abilities to operate at peak performance. 


As a proponent for thinking outside the box, Victor sees an opportunity in every difficulty. He has created positions and new programs in schools that didn’t exist prior to his arrival. He agrees with John Maxwell when he exclaims, “The difference between where we are and where we want to be is created by the changes we are willing to make in our lives.”


Victor earned a BA in Ministerial Theology from Southern Adventist University with minors in Biblical Languages and Practical Theology. He was selected on two separate occasions to be the first ever chaplain at private schools in Central Florida. He also believes in impacting the community. He is currently working with officials in Orange County government to create programs for youth who want to make a difference in order to change the future of the city.


Victor enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching and playing sports, and getting into a good book. He is a native of Orlando, where he will always call home.

Email Victor: victor@cummingscollaborative.com 


John R. Bennett, MS

Analysis & Solutions


John is the Lead for Analysis & Solutions at Cummings Collaborative. Before stepping into his role with the Collaborative, John served as Project Analyst with a higher education consulting firm, co-founder of The Firefighter Fitness Collaborative (a non-profit organization), Tactical Fitness and Readiness Coordinator, Consultant and Educator for physical readiness in the fire service, Sports and Fitness Laboratory Coordinator, Adjunct Instructor, and owned a fitness and performance business. John runs a small business focused on building and developing professionals. 


An extensive background in process development across a variety of industries provides John with a unique lens. He approaches organizational challenges with a focus on deconstructing issues for deep understanding. Bringing teams together to reassemble concepts with an eye towards innovation is a hallmark of his career. He enjoys facilitating collaborative projects that drive outcomes and growth. John has been inspiring and transforming leaders for the majority of his professional life.

John earned an MS in Sports and Fitness (Performance Physiology) and a BS in Sports and Fitness, both from the University of Central Florida. John is a Paramedic and Fire Service Instructor (Level III), licensed in the State of Florida. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 


There’s not a whole lot that cannot intrigue John, so he makes sure that he focuses his passions while achieving his best for others. Most of John’s individual interests circle around the outdoors, food, and athletic performance. His family life does not come in the off time; his work comes after the energy for family is set.

Email John: john@cummingscollaborative.com 

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Here's Our Advisory Council

Our Advisory council serves one primary purpose - to provide sound advice to the Collaborative Core Team so that your needs are being met. The Council does not set policy or establish process. However, their diverse wisdom and expertise guides the Collaborative in providing extraordinary service.   

Marcia Carter


Melvin J. Edwards


Karen L. Farr, MDiv

Pastor, The United Methodist Church; Financial Analyst


David Lucas, MD


Ken Macur, PhD

New York

Byron K. Norris, MBA

VP Human Resources and Risk Management, Retired


Christine Notartamosa

Stylist/Owner, The Lab Hair Studio


Paula Robinson

Marketing, Retired


Benjamin Weinberg


Austin Zackari, MS


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