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Nancy H Cummings CEO of Cummings Collaborative

We engage with the pressing issues that confront your business. We seek novel solutions. We prompt real conversations and are relentless in discovering your best next steps.


Collaborating to create bold solutions that inspire innovation.


Empower extraordinary.


Innovation, Challenge, Zeal, Integrity, Trust.

Cummings Collaborative Mission, Vision and Values
Services We Offer
Brainstorming and Visioning Sessions

Do you need help figuring out your best next steps? This is a highly engaging and strategic conversation. We’ll uncover your greatest challenges and identify key opportunities to move you and your organization to where you should be. 


Something is off and needs to be addressed. An unbiased, outside perspective serves teams best. High stakes challenges and transitions deserve a professional, experienced, listener who can facilitate and empower everyone at the table. This creates safe spaces where all voices are heard. 

Keynote Presentation and Break-Out Sessions

Looking for a message filled with innovation, inspiration and insight? You’ve found the right person. Nancy’s messages offer hope combined with strategy so your team can boldly reimagine the path ahead. 

Leadership Development

Individualized and small group programs that empower you to evolve as a Leader. The following areas are emphasized - Leadership Mindset, Time Management, Prioritization, Company Culture, Influence, Negotiation, and Inspiring and Empowering Teams.


You want to be the best you can be, don’t you? This is a One-on-One individualized Journey that inspires your professional and personal growth. There’s so much out there for you. Be as prepared as you can be for all of it.

Project Consulting

Collaborative, strategic, outcomes-based approach to discovering your greatest challenges. And, creating innovative, bold solutions that will empower your organizations’ best next steps. You deserve a Thinking Partner who will walk alongside you the entire way. 

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